Data Visualisation

Select up to 2 indicators from the drop down lists below to comparatively chart values. Then optionally adjust the date using the date slider feature to gain more specific insights, or download the selected indicators using the Download button.

Historical Data Downloads

Granular data is now available for downloading.

Step 1: Select indicators

Choose from the 4-Second polled and 5-Minute average data for each indicator group or individual indicators. 4-Second polled data is available for 31 day period with approximate file size of 70KB per indicator per day. 5-minute averaged data is available from the beginning of BESS operation (in mid-October 2018) with approximate file size of 2KB per indicator per day. It is recommended that no more than 10 indicators are selected at one time. Downloading speed will vary on the amount of data selected.

  • 4-Second
  • 5-Minute
Battery Indicator Group

Battery Utilisation (%)

Volts at Battery Terminal (kV)

Battery Energy Exported 24hr (MWh)

Battery Energy Imported 24hr (MWh)

Battery Reactive Power (Mvar)

Battery Power Output (MW)

Battery Charge Level (AC)

Battery Average Temperature

Battery Charge Level (%)

Battery Charge Level (MWh)

Battery Max Output Capacity (MWh)

Battery Polarity

Incoming Line Indicator Group

Incoming Line Real Power (MW)

Incoming Line Utilisation (%)

System Frequency (Hz)

Lower Yorke Peninsula Customers Indicator Group

LYP Customer Load (Mvar)

LYP Customer Load (MW)

Load Provided by Windfarm and Battery (%)

Dalrymple Solar Irradiance

Dalrymple Outside Temperature

Substation Indicator Group

Dalrymple Voltage

Dalrymple Substation Reactive Power (Mvar)

Dalrymple Substation Real Power (MW)

Dalrymple System Frequency (Hz)

LYP Islanding Status

SA Total Load (MW)

Substation Details Indicator Group

CB4749 Operational Status

CB4750 Operational Status

CB4765 Operational Status

CB6166 Operational Status

CB6191 Operational Status

CB7049 Operational Status

CB4773 Operational Status

Wattle Point Windfarm CB Operational Status

Wattle Point Windfarm Indicator Group

Wattle Point Windfarm Reactive Power (Mvar)

Wattle Point Windfarm Real Power (MW)

Wattle Point Windfarm Operating (%)

Dalrymple Wind Speed

Step 2: Select Date Range

Choose a date range and click the Download button. A .zip file containing the selected data will commence downloading.

Your download file will include 4-Second data from the last 31 days only.

Please note, selecting a date range over 7 days will result in this request taking upto a minute.

Download Limitatons

You have selected indicators to download

Please note that selecting too many indicators at once to download will require you to wait a few minutes longer for these files to be combined.

We recommend you try not to download more than 10 indicators at a time.